O3X [In clinical medicine] the way that it is usually written is OX3 (3 times O = "orientation three times" or orientation times three) [but] since [our] use is unique and not a direct medical use, it also helps to avoid confusion [to reverse it], while making it similar enough to achieve the same thing. O = orientation. The doctors ask, "Do you know what time it is?" (time = chronology), "Do you know where you are?" (place = geography), "Do you know your name?" (person = genealogy.) They are the first questions that are asked of anyone who seems to be disoriented or of someone who has been in a coma. The medical profession calls it "OX3" usually, but not always, and sometimes they explain it as "orientation times three". Mathematically that can [just as logically] be written as 03X. Click HERE to see diagram and then click RETURN to revisit this page.

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