Puppets on strings: How American Mass Media Manipulated British Commercial Radio Broadcasting.

The article demonstrates how the American mass-media system manipulated British off-shore commercial radio from 1964 to 1967, in link with dissent elements within the British Establishment. This demonstration undermines the popular re-rendering of the "radio pirates" as rebels against the Establishment, and shows thereby that cultural change requires dominant-interest collaboration to be effective.

This article was written between 2007-2008 and it set in motion a firestorm of controversy with 'anorak'-supporters (fans) of Radio Caroline. They had been led to believe that an Irishman named Ronan O'Rahilly had been its originator and creator. Far from being proved in error, the authors have now made additional discoveries since this article was published that remove the remaining myths surrounding O'Rahilly's original claims.

Research is still ongoing. Video links on this page reflect time-dated aspects of that research.
The Cold Hard Truth begins with One Question
Yesterday Never Happened: Part One

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  The lecture at the Communications Museum in Burntisland in Fife, took place on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Please access the following links:

   Excerpt: Grenada-TV (ITV) - 1964 - World in Action - start of Radio Caroline . This link is here for its historical photographic provisions, and not for its editorial conclusions which may not be accurate.

   The Mayfair Set - Episode 1 . This link provides an insight into a political and financial world directly connected to the true origins of Radio Caroline and Radio Atlanta, which is a subject currently under forensic investigation as part of The Origins of American and British Broadcasting: Radio Caroline .

The remaining episodes 2 through 6 of The Mayfair Set television series, are listed on YouTube. This information will also be examined both in depth and in context within the forthcoming YesterAir book.


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